Going green is the trend now everywhere. This is one trend which you don’t want to miss, in fact. With the growing awareness about reducing our carbon footprint, recycling, and such, you really want to shadowfight2hackonlinesz show that you care too. What is better than holding your next party with a green theme!
Having a green party doesn’t mean you have to hold them in mud huts under thatched roofs, offering only naariyal paani and rice pudding!! Here are a few pointers on having a blast, all the while saving Mother Nature, of course!
Eco-friendly decorationsBanish plastic from your party. Anyway, plastic decorations are so passé. Instead opt for terracotta, stonework, wooden, bamboo, recycled waste decorations which are cool and make blitz brigade hack cheats your party more interesting.
Have recycled/organic/natural material tissue papers and toilet rolls so that you won’t feel guilty about chopping off a few trees for those disposable items.
Having wooden or metal chairs are definitely worth it as they last longer and help in reducing plastic. You can easily search for eco-friendly decorators in your neighbourhood and let them take care of your decorations.
Design a few niche ideasYou can visit our website have placards here and there talking about how you can go green easily. That way, your party has something to talk about, while having a small artificial pond or waterfalls, with the theme of recycling water, will surely catch a few eyeballs. Now, that is something to think about.
Or you can have a bicycle themed party, and make a party game out of it. Reducing petrol usage, recycling everything, getting fit going the natural way, reducing plastic, saving the animals, eating natural food for health: there are countless themes on eco-friendly living.
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