Indian mutual funds industry originated in the year 1963 when Government of India and Reserve Bank of India came together to form the Unit Trust of India. UTI ruled the mutual fund industry till 1987 till nationalized bank set up mutual funds and insurance companies. Mutual funds of India colorswitchhacks saw drastic changes in 1993 when private sector fund houses emerged in the market. Mutual funds are considered as one of the unique financial tools in India. It has a bright future even if it has to undergo highs and lows.

Investment does mean that there is a risk involved. Quite a lot of people do not invest too much in a single position. In a way they manage risk by just not taking it in the first place. There are short term, middle term and long term investments in mutual funds. In order to witness exponential growth you will need to invest your money in top mutual funds. People having excess money but no time to invest in stocks may find mutual funds to be the best option.

There are lots of companies that have evolved with time and have been performing well in the market. These days?mutual funds are considered to be safe by almost all the investors. It gives you an opportunity to attain various stocks and bonds. Top mutual funds have the best fund managers who have a vast exposure in the market. There are various kinds of funds and your fund manager can suggest you the paramount option according to your requirement.

Mutual funds have their own set of advantages. You can start off with a very small amount which can be directly debited from your bank account on a monthly basis. You can enter this sector with a low investment and can grow steadily. Fund managers keep a track of mutual fund NAV and accordingly suggest when to sell it off. Company that maintain records are trustworthy and you can be assured that your money is safe. Just in case if the mutual fund company falls down in the market, shareholders get the money which is equal to their ownership value in the mutual funds.

Mutual funds work well when you plan it for long term goals like financial freedom, retirement or children education. You can invest in individual stocks or closed end funds. It is always better to read in details about the various mutual fund of India before investing money. More read more importantly you will need to access your own goals and the risks involved in any funds. Asset allocation is also very important or else you may find your portfolio to have funds that are all invested in the same thing. A good portfolio will have diversification and will reduce the risk.

It could be really tricky to find the best fund for you. You may like to invest in a fund whose manager thinks exactly the way you do. Important is to get comfortable with the fund manager who understand your needs and accordingly take action. You may also buy an index fund which runs on autopilot. It is always better to read the annual report before investing. Fund manager compares the mutual fund NAV of various companies and suggests the best option. Just be careful with high risk portfolios to play safe in mutual funds market.