Bodega Bay features a remarkable Dungenes Crab fishery. Crab season opens in early November and the catch for the 2010/2011 period has been high.
The sport fishing season opens up two weeks prior to the commercial season so it’s the optimal time to get out on the water. There are several ways to go crabbing in Bodega Bay.
Some people like to drop inexpensive traps right off the Marina Jetty at Spud Point Marina. Spud Point Marina is located at 1818 Westshore Road in Bodega Bay. The Marina Jetty is located on the south end of the marina. Another popular location for crabbing from moviestarplanet hack cheats tool shore is the breakwater jetty located off Doran Beach Park.
The entrance to the park is located south of Bodega Bay near the entrance to the Bodega Harbour Golf Course.
Another option for those who own small boats is to set traps or pots in the inner harbor area. On calm days small boats can also be found out beyond the breakwater jetty along Doran Beach. Bodega Head offers protection from the worst sea conditions but a small boat was capsized this year during rough weather. High winds and high seas create dangerous conditions for boating.
For those who own larger boats there is great crabbing shadow fight 2 hack cheat online south of Seal Rock (Bodega Rock). During high surf days use caution near the reef where waves sometimes break. There are also good crabbing areas near the estero and south along ten mile beach.
For those who want to crab in deeper water there is also good crabbing off Salmon Creek Beach north of Bodega Bay.
Finally, for those who want 8 ball pool cheat to go out on a party boat there are several six pack and larger boats that run out of Porto Bodega along Westshore Road. Miss Anita is a 34 foot Catamaran with a 12 foot beam that provides a fast and smooth fishing trip. Visit for more information.
Another good source for crabbing and fishing reports is
There are several hotels in Bodega Bay including The Inn at the Tides, Bodega Bay Lodge and Bodega Coast Inn and Suites. Another option is to stay at one of the many vacation rentals in the area. A favorite is located on Gull Drive with a view of Doran Beach and the ocean beyond.
View the website at for more information.

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