A lot of parents love to get their read more precious little ones ears pierced, but do not like the options they have. When it comes to piercing your child’s ears, it is important to have it completed in a comfortable, safe environment staffed by experienced medical professionals who can perform this procedure in a sterile manner. Today, your pediatrician in Edison and Woodbridge is available to pierce your child’s ear in a safe, sterile manner.

Getting Your Child’s Ears Pierced

It is important to understand that getting your child’s ear pierced by someone who knows how to do it is essential, which is why your Edison pediatrician is proud to announce the availability of ear piercing in her office. By visiting Edison Pediatrics Center, share this website you can rest easy knowing your child will receive the best care in a sterile environment. Your pediatrician knows how to properly pierce your child’s ear and how to care for it to ward off infection.

Often, it is best to wait for your child to be old enough to decide for itself if they want their ears pierced. Some parents, however, want to pierce earlier. Either way, here are some tips and points to consider:
* Piercing hurts.
* Follow the instructions for ear cleaning.
* Avoid dangling earrings.
* Some children are allergic to gold, as well as nickel.
* Avoid piercing the cartilage of an ear.
* Warning: pediatricians remove embedded earring backs on an all too frequent basis.

Metal Does Matter

Your child’s first earrings should have gold posts because gold is less likely to cause infection and swelling. Later, your child might find that some metals cause an allergic reaction, which signals that you should avoid those certain earrings. Most children find that when the needle goes through the ear it is a pinching feeling that doesn’t last too long. After the earring is in, the pediatrician will clean your child’s ear again and make sure that the earring is in properly. Once the earring is in, your pediatrician will inform you on how to properly care for the piercing.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Piercing

When your child first gets their ears pierced, you should leave the earrings in until your child’s ears are completely healed. The healing process will typically take about 4 to 6 weeks. If your child’s ear piercings are not properly cared for, the holes could close up and the piercing will need to be redone.

It is important to keep germs out of newly pierced ears, so it is extremely important to keep your child’s ears clean. For several days after the piercing, it is important to clean your child’s ears and put ear simcity buildit hack no root cleaning solution, rubbing alcohol, or antibiotic ointment on them. When cleaning the piercing be sure to:

* Wash hands thoroughly
* Use a cotton ball or swab to apply rubbing alcohol or an antibiotic ointment to the earlobe or lobes
* Gently rotate the earring in the ear

After your child’s ears have healed, it is a good idea to remove the earrings every night before your child goes to sleep. For more information on ear piercings, talk to your pediatrician in Edison, NJ.