Early coffee houses quickly became an important center for exchange of information, so much so, that they were often referred to as 鎻漜hools of the Wise.?br />
The European travelers to the Near East brought back stories of the dark black beverage called 鎻穙ffee.?By the 17th century, coffee was in Europe and continued to become popular across the continent. Some who were against coffee called the beverage 鎻礽tter invention of Satan.?When coffee reached Venice in 1615, the local clergy condemned it. It started such a shadow fight 2 cheats hack tool stir among the people that Pope Clement VIII was asked to intervene. Before the Pope made his decision, however, he tried the beverage of coffee and found the drink satisfying. He then gave his approval of coffee.

Controversy continued in the major cities of England, Austria, France, Germany and Holland, however, coffee houses also continued and were becoming centers of social activity and communication that a lot of people really enjoyed. There were over 300 coffee houses in London by the mid-17th century. Many of these coffee houses attracted groups of people with shadow fight 2 hack cheat online common interests such as merchants, shippers, brokers and artists.

Other businesses grew out of these specialized coffee houses, one of which was, 鎻昹oyd鎶?of London. Lloyd鎶?of London was crated at the Edward Lloyd鎶?Coffee House.

Coffee houses began to rapidly appear, however, tea continued to be the favored drink in the New moviestarplanet hack no download World until 1773. The colonists rebelled against a heavy tax placed on tea by King George. This rebellion turned into what is now known as the Boston Tea Party.?br />
The Boston Tea Party forever changed the American drinking preferences from tea to 鎻穙ffee.?br />
Today, The National Coffee Association is committed to the well being of the entire coffee industry, which includes coffee companies big and small. In more recent years the NCA strives to provide more valuable benefits to small business members which include:

?Micro roasters
?Small chain
?Single store coffee cafes
?Small lot importers or growers

Coffee has become a staple for coffee houses, coffee cafes and restaurants worldwide. Coffee shops and houses still remain a place of relaxation, socialization and entertainment.

Source: The National Coffee Association

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