I know, most will balk at this point, what were they doing for the few years when they studied forms and PH and … while working on passing through the first 2 gates?
Q: what did they do in the old time? A: spent a few years working on *basic* training, what’s sometime referred to by TCMA books as getting kung fu. THEN, after rectifying the body, they started learning individual elements. THEN linkages, THEN form work, THEN PH etc.
What’s the point in getting a choreography of empty movements?
What the point of ‘waving one’s hands’ without root, or core, or sung or ting?
You need a teacher that can weave the prerequisites into the teaching process while making some inroads into form-work, that’s why teaching progression is so important.
If you check the rant of Yang Chengfu about how easy it is to teach right, and how hard to correct later on, you’ll see that this is not a new issue, just a revisit of the old.
Most of the stuff picked up with a messed up body has to be reworked, redone, relearned.
David Lenkovitzki.