If someone from traditional India would take a look at what the Lehenga looks like presently, it would be safe to say they would wonder what the world has become. What was once a long skirt and waist length blouse is now a low waist navel revealing skirt and a doll top especially among Bollywood celebrities and fashion designers who love to wear such clothes in gatherings.

The lehenga is a traditional female attire from Rajasthan characterized by a long embroidered skirt which is often pleated. If asked, most people would say that the Indian saree is the only female attire in India. This is not because they have not seen the different designs but because they cannot differentiate between them. Just to be clear, the sari is a strip of some four to nine yards of unstitched cloth that is typically wrapped around the waist with one end being draped over the shoulder. Lehengas on the other hand is a skirt paired with a short blouse (choli) and a veil (dupatta).

When worn with a choli and dupatta, the lehenga is known as ghaghra or Chaniya choli which can be worn in various styles. There is the A-line design which is a typical design for women with pear shaped bodies, the circular one for women who dragon city hack tool desire elegance and the fishtail design which is more popular in Western countries. There is also the paneled design which is said to have the perfect balance of fall and flare and the straight cut design, typically known by the general public as Indian bridal wear.

Lehengas are thought to be the safer bet as compared to saris since the former is a firm fit around the waist while the latter is thought to be high risk as it could easily come off. In recent times, clothing designs have become navel revealing low waist skirts similar to what the modern instagram followers cheats tool drape of the Indian sari looks like. This may be the reason why people cannot differentiate between the two. The new design flatters the female form more than the traditional one since it covers as much as it reveals. The design was showcased in the Femina Miss India instagramfollowershackonline.top/instagramfollowershack/ 2011 event where the entire finalist panel wore white low-rise cholis.

Another thing is that, a saree, no matter how latest the design or how glamorous it is, cannot outweigh the charm and appeal that the lehenga presents. The former can only be draped differently while the latter has various designs such as the mermaid and paneled design which give both the modern and traditional touch in the attire. It is therefore a sealed deal, the lehenga, be it traditional or modern, was, is and always will be like the little black dress, which completes your closet.