Religion can be best taught if they are best illustrated. The doctrines and principles of Christianity or any other religions might sound a bit too preaching. And this could lead to the problem of common man not getting to understand it and preferring to stay away from religion. Parables preaching certain basic and moral virtues were some ways to reach out to the common man but religious artwork in the form of fresco paintings in big churches had a huge appeal. The use of confident strokes in the oil paintings and vibrant colors gave a different dimension to the religion. History can never forget the contributions of these great artists and sculptors whose works were timeless.

The paintings and other works of art usually chose the life of Jesus Christ as their theme. There were quite a number of incidents and stories that were depicted beautifully by the help of oil paintings. Use of tempera was quite vehement. Egg yolk and powder colors were mixed in the right proportion to ensure a binding effect in the colors. Not that the religious artworks of various groups did not face oppositions from the others, but in spite of that it excelled. They were quite different from each other in terms of theme selections and their style. For example Virgin Mary was not much glorified or rather painted in the paintings of Protestants but then Roman Catholic paintings and artwork found Virgin Mary in most of their artworks.

The early covet fashion hack ios Christian paintings basically originated from the tombs that were there in the Catacombs of Rome. This process was not complete until 6th century. It underwent modifications and saw many developments up till this period. Even this depicted the life of Jesus, but during this period the form in which Christ was depicted underwent a lot of changes. Only after the mentioned period did the look of Christ as what we see now became consistent.

The churches basically spent their wealth in getting the paintings and sculptures made in the middle ages after the fall of the Roman Empire. It was the period when Christianity was gaining in popularity. Works of art was a very intelligent choice made by the priests of churches to reach out to the common man easily. But perhaps the best works of art emerged in the renaissance period later. A revival of art, a golden period of thoughts and movements probably defined Christianity in a light never seen before.

Great artists like Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci and many more made the Christian artworks climb throne rush cheats tool its zenith with their works. The last supper was one of the paintings that had depicted each and every character truly. It was a masterpiece because the expressions carried by the characters said all that happened before the scene and all that were expected to happen after that.

For works of art many suffered hugely, there were brutal killings in the name of religion but still religious artworks found and paved their way to glory quite successfully.