Though it may be a little hard to tell if you are living in Southern California like me, spring is definitely in the air. Longer days, kids spring break approaching, and more spring outfits (despite a cold spell!) are all signs of change.
While there are many poetic notions of spring and renewal, for me renewal begins in a very real racing 3 cheats hack tool practical way — getting my expenses and taxes organized! As I review the past year and think mobile strike hacks about the new one, I generally find myself making new commitments, assurances and intents around financial planning.
The longer days and warmer breezes (albeit only slightly warmer in LA) also lead to a motivation to renew physically — through exercise, a new haircut, a change in wardrobe… And a desire to clean house and get organized in general.
This week on Intent, our Intent Voices will be exploring great ideas on renewing ourselves: renew, refresh, recharge, refuel, re-invent—you name it. For many of us, the spring season is an inspiration for some major housecleaning. But maybe it can be as simple as getting a new haircut and a facial. Or maybe it can be as momentous as considering a new hobby, a new career, a new life goal. The sky is the limit!
Here are some ways I like to renew whenever I need a quick energy lift (and have the time!):
* Going for an afternoon jog
* Reading magazines outside my usual fields of interest to pique my imagination
* Reconnecting with love here an old friend on the phone
* Visiting a new museum or park with my kids
* Cleaning my closets, my bookshelves and distributing my clothes and books to cousins, friends and organizations.
I invite all of you on Intent to write about your ideas for how you renew or recharge yourself. Tag your posts “spring renewal” and we will be featuring the best blog posts at the end of the week. Many spring blessings to all of you!